The Monthly Drumming Circle is Back!

Please Help Us Drum and Dance Safe

Public Health Orders have CHANGED
Bring back the DANCERS
Times have changed and with excitement we welcome back our dancers, drummers and musicians who gather at our markets to create and hold the space we love so much ‘the drumming circle’.
The markets have updated their Covid Safety Plan to include Outdoor Music Performance or Rehearsal Covid Safety measures and have registered the plan. Orders changed on Monday 7/12/20
What we all need to do to ensure we keep our community safe is very simple and we know we can achieve this.
Please read the following so you are aware of what is required and what we need folks to agree on.
QR Codes
We ask that you register using our QR Code so we can let you know if there is any positive cases in the next 28 days. Posters are scattered around the market ground for everyone to use.
Capacity at the ‘drum circle’- dancefloors must not exceed one person per 4 square metres to a maximum of 500 people outdoors, you are requested to keep 1.5m away from non family members whilst dancing and playing instruments.
The Drumming Circle area will need to be moved to accommodate everyone, please head towards the ‘beat’ and settle in, we will have some folks there supporting the move, please note this change to the location is only temporary.
Up to 50 performers can sing indoors with no cap on performers outdoors.
All singers should face forwards and not towards each other, have physical distancing of 1.5 metres between each other and any other performers, and be 5 metres from all other people including the audience and conductor.
Sanitising Hands and Instruments
Remember to regularly clean and/or sanitise your hands. There will be hand sanitiser stations around the market grounds.
If you are planning on sharing instruments please ensure you give them a clean between users.
As you can see above we need to work together to make sure we keep the space safe and the community at ease.
The markets start at 9am and encourage everyone to come early and support our stallholders who pack up at 3pm, the markets and the grounds are pet free until Monday morning when we clean up the grounds, so please leave your pets at home.
We look forward to welcoming back the groove of our market. We knew we could do this together and thank everyone for understanding over the past few months how important it was for us all to have strict regulations in place so Australia could get back to business.
Bring on the music!

Some Additional Points to Make the Afternoon Great

Please remember that the drumming circle continues after the market. Please follow the following guidelines to make the afternoon wonderful.

Stallholders are packing up – Please give our stallholders adequete room to pack up their stall.

Vehicles are on site – Please stay off the main pathways while vehicles are still moving around site.

Park in the MAIN carpark – Please keep the grounds clear and park in the main carpark until 4pm.

Staying Late, Move your car – After 4pm please move your vechicle from the main carpark.
Park around the oval – NOT ON THE OVAL

No Fires – The park is a fire free location. 

Clean Up – Please put all rubbish in the correct bins.

No Pets – The market is a pet free event. This includes the afternoon after 3pm. 

If you have any concerns please email us