The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Bo (Deadly) Kaan has been part of the Northcoast Music Scene for three decades now. Driving rhythms, grass roots eclectic soul and blues, thought provoking lyrics, a bit of sueng and a bit of hang and a few stories is what you can expect from this Dutch born one man band.

Bo first sprung to notoriety with his first band “Timelords Inc.” in 1986 with their underground smash hit “Don't mess with Joh.” Bo has released five solo albums and has been ignored by the main stream media due to the lyrically, politically and socially equitable nature of his product. The ideas, which are now becoming mainstream three decades later. Bo is an original and genuine working class hero and well worth a listen. He is also known well in the area as a quality film and stage actor with many credits to his name. Check him out on the busker's stage today at The Channon Market or on youtube.

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