The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Entertainment Galore at The Markets!

Our Two Stages

The Channon Market is a monthly hub for street performers, buskers and live music, the Committee has always strived to be more than just a market by engaging local acts and supporting musicians to showcase their styles. We have our ‘band of the day’ playing from the main oval in The Big Top,  The band is booked in advance and allows visitors to experience some of our region's best local bands while over at the Stone Toilets we have our Tiny Top stage. This second stage allows the best of our local solo or duo acts to entertain the crowds and show off their works.

If your interested in applying to be the band of the day please contact us.

Some of our recent Musicians and Bands Include...

Busking and Street Performance

As well as the two stages, the marketplace is always littered with talented performers who all add to the colourful atmosphere of the marketplace. If you enjoy their performance try to reward them for their efforts either with a gold coin or one of the busker’s tokens you may have received when you entered the market from the Charity of the Day. 

Childrens Activities

Then there’s the kids. The permanent playground is always a favourite, as is the monthly organised arts and craft space.  Weather permitting, we have bouncy castles and a large oval for the kids to run off some steam. Finally you can always find a face painter, hair braider or henna tattoo artist to give yourself or the kids something to remember about The Channon Craft Market.

You can still enjoy some coffee, Chai and cakes while sit back and take in the beats and the dancers.

The Entertainment Continues into Dusk

Last but not least – if you are willing to stay until after the market you will be treated to the (in)famous Rainbow Chai Tent drum circle. This drum circle is like no other in Australia, with many a drummer coming from all over the Northern Rivers to rattle out tribal until dusk. Bring your own percussion instrument. 

Please Note - The main carpark closes at 5pm and we ask that after this time you move your car and park inside the grounds.

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