The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

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General Information

Become a Stallholder @ The Channon Craft Market

Before applying for a casual site at The Channon Market please read our rules & regulation.

The Channon Market is proud to support local craft folk, artisans, producers and growers.

To be a retailer at the markets you must have 70% of items crafted or grown by yourself or a member of your immediate family.

Casual Stallholder - Your First Market (Arts and Crafts Only)

To attend the market you will first need to register online and agree to our best practices - Click Here

After you have applied to attend the market you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we are assessing your application.
You will then receive an email accepting your stall on either the Friday or Saturday prior to the market. Stallholders who are not preallocated or do not nominate to be preallocated are to arrive at the market office at 7am to be checked in.
Stallholders allocation begins at 7:30 am, so please arrive at 7am to check in.

Casual Stallholder - Returning Stallholder

Casual stallholders who have attended the market in the last 3 months will receive a personal link to reapply the week of the market. If you have not attended in the last 3 months please apply as a new stallholder.

Casual Allocation - Available to 100% Craft and Special Needs

Stallholders who are 100% Craft (or those with special needs) may nominate for a preallocated site during the registration process. If you are preallocated to a site a $10 admin will apply. Requesting preallocation does not guarantee preallocation and is based on site availability.

Applying to have a permanent site​

After three markets as a casual stallholder, retailers may apply at the office for an allocated site on if they are selling 100% arts and craft and meet the eligibility to enter the market.

Food Stalls

All inquiries regarding having a food or beverage stalls at the market are required to submit a proposal of their menu, power requirements if any, size of space required and provide a copy of their  Lismore City Council current Food License and insurance policy (if applicable) to the market management committee prior to allocation of stall.

We recommend food and beverage stalls hold both public and product liability insurance.

This information may be posted-c/o The Channon post office, delivered to market office, emailed to . The proposal will be tabled at the next Management Committee meeting for discussion. Currently the market has a waiting list for food and drink stalls.

Retailers are not to sell any form of food, packaged, cooked or be allocated sites without permission from the Management Committee or Manager.

License Requirements with Lismore City Council

Power Restrictions Apply

Fruit and Vegtables

The market encourages local fruit and vegetable growers to attend the market both on a monthly basis and seasonally.

Lismore City Council requires all growers to register with them to ensure they meet all the requirements by our local government, please contact them to ensure you have the appropriate information and knowledge to sell fruit and vegetables in our region.

Fruit and Vegtable stallholders may attend the market as a Casual Stallholder and do not require Managemenet Committee Approval. 

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