The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

In the tradition of cross-pollination that gave rise to Palm Wine music, The Palm Wine Ambassadors draw their musical inspiration from continents and archipelagos worldwide and bring it home. 

About 20 years ago Jason Burns returned to Australia after a decade and a half first driving Peogeot 404s across the Sahara and selling them to become taxis, then toiling as a subsistence farmer and raising two children while studying under kora masters in West Africa. Once back in Australia, he began meeting with friends to play music and drink Palm Wine. 

Bringing instruments and musical styles from afar and blending them with home culture is reminiscent of the cross-pollination that occurred during the slave trade and gave rise to ‘Palm Wine Music’ in West Africa many years ago. This loose knit group of Aussie musician mates became known as the Palm Wine Ambassadors. 

The Palm Wine Ambassadors draw musical inspiration from personal experience in many parts of the world. Despite their broad palette of influences there is no pretence to play anything other than Australian music.

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