The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Forty years ago, The Channon Craft Market Inc. was born into The Channon village. It’s strongly held ethic of “Make It, Bake It, Grow It” flourished and this is still nurtured by the market today. TCCM proudly stands strong, 40 years on.

Let’s all stand together and acknowledge the benefits and opportunity that evolves here every month, an amazing example of community. Thank you to everyone over this period for their passion and deliverance to create this unique community market.

The market officially was started The Channon Hall in 1976, the community’s close by were getting together prior to this and the idea transformed from the folks who regularly met, the market quickly outgrew the hall and moved to it’s present location at Coronation Park.

The Market was originally set up to trade and barter goods between members of the community. Its’s creation also provided a meeting place for like-minded people to explore current environmental issues and raise much needed funds to support the community. The Channon Craft Market has grown enormously in size and reputation since then.

The Market has evolved during the last 40 years to become a Non-Profit Community Organisation coordinated by a Management Committee of nine volunteers. They meet regularly to manage the diverse needs of our popular market. Held on the second Sunday of the month, preparation for Market day begins well in advance.

The scene is set - serene Coronation Park seems magically transformed overnight into a festival of colour. Since the start of the market, on rotation, a local community charity has the opportunity to fundraise at The Channon Craft Market with the use

The Channon Craft Market Inc 40th Anniversary of the kitchen at Coronation Park and collecting money from the patrons at the gates.


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