The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Succulent and Cacti Supply

By Tasman plant grower

About Us

wide range of sunhardy and healthy Succulents

be mezmerised by natural spirals and twirls, brigth colours and interesting shapes, fleshy fluffyness or tough spikes

        Are you...

    • ..planting out a gardenbed?
    • ..creating an arrangement in a pot for yourself or as a gift?
    • ..after some unusual varieties to add to your collection?

        we have got you covered 🙂

Wholesaleprices available for businesses and bulk amounts !

Our Story

We (Tassie and Catalina) are passionate about growing Succulents. Our nursery is in a beautiful frostfree spot in the hinterland of Casino, NSW. Here we look after our collection of ~800 types of Succulents, of which we currently propagate ~150 types for commercial sales. Tassie has created a well balanced potting media for our plants, which are of exceptional quality! We keep them as happy and healthy as we can :)

We set up a stall every weekend at local markets in the northern rivers. We also are plant wholesalers. Therefore we can keep our prices low for a high quality product. We supply nurseries all through the northern rivers on a monthly delivery run and offer pickup of wholesale orders at the markets.


Our Products

Our market stock is a little bit different every time

$5 per plant (90x90 squarepot) or a tray of 12 for $50

[Wholesale available]

  • great variety of groundcovers
  • Graptoverias
  • Echeverias
  • Jades
  • Aeoniums
  • Aloes
  • Crassulas
  • Sempervivums
  • Kalanchoes
  • Pigsfaces
  • Stapeliads
  • and others

Bring back your pots and we give you free cuttings <3

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