Ceiba Roots offer slow made, tribal handicraft designs by talented jewellers & ethnic artisans.

Our unique product range features culture-rich bead woven jewellery, Mayan stone carvings, hand crafted silver designs & traditional loom woven textiles.

A Little Story
Guatemalan street artisan Daniel is proud to share the customs and craft of his bloodlines. His career as an ‘artesano’ opened the way for him to sustainably travel throughout much of Latin America, keeping ancient handicraft and street culture traditions alive. He continues to work as a silversmith, opting to practice ancient techniques rather than contemporary fast jewellery practices using moulds. With a passion for his traditional heritage, Ceiba Roots was born in Australia as an opportunity to share influences from Daniel’s traditional Mayan homeland, and continue the jewellery artisan lifestyle in Australia. Ceiba Roots offer jewellery and adornments inspired by a simple life aligned with Spirit. Rich ethnic beadweavings, rustic silver and stone adornments, and ceremonial indigenous craft are the main offerings.
Traditional Latin American jewellery artisan


Custom silver jewellery designs – rustic, statement, unique jewellery tailored by hand.

Protection amulets, powerful natural stone pieces intended to inspire and empower.

Traditional beaded medicine jewellery carrying indigenous wisdom. – hummingbird hangings, sunflower necklaces, earrings, amulet pouches, tribal collars, hat bands, lighter cases & more…

Mayan ceremonial carvings

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