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Beautiful Abundance

By Haley Biodynamic Farmer

About Us

Biodynamic Seedlings, Trees, Natives and Produce

Our Story

Based out in the pristine hills of Koreelah, NSW,  our business operates out  of Bindarrabi community farm a off grid property on the western edge of NSW border ranges . As it is at the top of the water table, been chemical free for over 20 years and surrounded by Koreelah National Park on 3 sides and with the nearest chemical farmer over 30km away we are a chemical free as you can get.

We offer a constantly changing variety of  heirloom edible vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, medicinal plants, fruit trees and natives that we grow fully sun-hardened and to biodynamic standards. We  rotate through over 1,500 varieties throughout  the year and are happy to seek out any varieties you are chasing for your garden . We are not currently certified  but are happy to supply information about what organic sprays and additives we have used and when at any time.

We either grow our own vegetable seeds or purchase them from chemical free small seed growers within Australia. Our natives we collect them from the 626ha land for wildlife zone on the community farm, or from local indigenous nurseries. Our fruit trees we grow ourselves from cuttings or purchase grafted trees from local wholesale nurseries that minimise the amount of chemical sprays and fertilisers they use.

Our poultry flock is either free-range (Guinea Fowl and Ducks) or kept in a very large, deep litter cage system and fed fresh greens and grain daily (Chickens and Quails). Eggs are actually a by-product as their main role is to keep pests down and turn their untreated hardwood bed into beautiful biodynamic soil for our 2 acres of grow out beds, which they happily achieve every 3 months.

We are proud to support the local indigenous peoples of this land through employing only local Githabul people as our staff and undertaking cultural burning practices as part of caring for this country we are based on.

Our Products

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds and  Seedlings

Native Plants, Shrubs, and  Trees

Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees

Organic plant care products

Farm Produce:

  • Fresh in season vegetables and fruits
  • Chemical Free Laundry Powder
  • Fresh and Fertilised Eggs - Heirloom Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Fowl and Quail

Gardening Advice and Design

On Farm workshops and Field Day (currently postponed until after  Covid)


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