Monkey & The Fish

A partnership between two singer songwriters Chris Fisher and Marcelle Townsend-Cross creates a special vocal harmony & presence in Monkey & the Fish. Presenting their own songs along with original renditions of classic tunes this act is popular at both Festivals and pub/club gigs. Uncle Keith always called his little sister “monkey” so when she started singing up and hanging out with Chris Fisher the cry began “where’s Monkey & the Fish playin?”

The name stuck and play they did. Their already dysfunctional families blended becoming something nothing like the partridge family but twice as talented. ‘In Cahoots’, Monkey & the Fish’s baby & debut CD release came in 2001 and features several Dolphin Award winning tunes. ‘Bundjalung’ (Song of the Year), a track written and recorded in collaboration with local Bundjalung Custodians, ‘Mirror’ telling some of Marcelle’s story as a Koori woman and Wai:Bal (Best Environmental Message Song) written in acknowledgement of the Clan of the Bundjalung who’s homelands includes Lismore and Nimbin NSW, have all been celebrated through awards.

These and other songs from ‘In Cahoots’ have proved popular with FM radio and live audiences. Monkey & the Fish now perform as duo or band with the addition of George Urbeszeck on Bass and Dan Crandon on Drums. In addition to originals classic songs by Paul Kelly, Crowded House, Van Morrison, Goanna, Tracey Chapman, and many more are performed. Influences are diverse with oz rock, reggae, folk and country vibes present. Top musicianship and home grown creativity combine with a healthy audience rapport to make this a truly deadly act!! :)