Jimmy Willing and the Real Gone Hick-Ups

To celebrate the day, Northern Rivers favourites: Jimmy Willing and the Real Gone Hick-Ups will be playing on the main stage. The market committee has jumped at the chance to have The Hick-Ups play for the birthday, as the  front-man Jimmy Willing used to be a feature show at the Market in the early 90’s. Back then Jimmy would arrive in his gypsy cart with his herd of horses and perform with his marionettes – The Von Tramp Family Puppet Show. Featuring characters such as “The Devil” and “Ginger Dreadlocks” it is a bent show that will leave you wondering, just who is pulling the strings? For the birthday show Jimmy is bringing his puppets back to the market and The Real Gone Hick-Ups will supply a kooky soundtrack before kicking up the dust with some great dance tunes