The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

We look forward to entertaining you and raising money for local charities as soon as we are able to safely resume The Channon Markets.

Orkeztar Lizmoré is the Northern Rivers region’s wonderful community ensemble that plays tunes from all over the world ... ‘Orkeztar’ is an eastern European term for such an ensemble & Lizmoré is pronounced to rhyme with the Italian word for love, amore, because that’s the spirit in which each player comes to this (currently) almost twenty-strong musical group.

Instruments include strings big & small, guitars, mandolins, squeezeboxes, whistles, flutes, sax, clarinet, percussion, keys, brass, voice & sometimes oud & traditional instruments.

‘The Ork’, as it is affectionately known, plays musical pieces from around the globe, including several original songs composed & arranged by several talented musical director. You can expect to hear a smorgasbord of tunes, including Klezmer, Latin, Russian, Italian, Persian, African, folk and gospel or even the occasional Frank Zappa song!

Beau Maynard is a talented Singer/Songwriter with an honest and organic sound. He shares music and good vibes straight from the heart.

Bittersweet harmonies and poignant lyrics soar over this acoustic strain of Nouveau Blues. Expect a collection of stories that will irresistibly intrigue, uplift and soothe in the true singer/songwriter tradition from this local duo.

Lawrence Gratton is a UK born, Australia based live looping rock violinist. His performance encapsulates the beauty of classical music with the familiarity of modern styles.

His music is produced by live looping violin, guitar and stompbox, with pieces ranging from classical themes to all out rock anthems and looped dance beats. Much of his music uses beautiful harmonies and textures, complete with elaborate flowing melodies on top.

With over 20 years experience as a performer, qualified audio engineer and secondary school teacher, Lawrence has performed professionally all
over Australia and the UK for the last 6 years.

Powerful, climate passionate and earth loving singer/songwriter Mish Songsmith is perfectly matched in harmony and on piano with long time Besty and multi-talented Musician, Jewel Musica.

Together these two local, wise women interweave like sisters, performing Mish's heart connected, spiritual and relevant music for the current times with beautiful harmonies, light percussion and tenor ukulele. Jumping between keys, vocals and ukulele,

Mish & Jewel serenade you with well-known songs by an array of fabulous old and new songwriters from the 1920s to now, in a mishmash of pop, folk, soul, jazz and blues. You'll be left with a bounce in your step and hope in your heart for a more peaceful, loving world.

There's no featured busker this month, but there's sure to be some talented buskers performing around the market. Come on down and have a wander.  Be sure to put a few coins in the hat of your favourite performer.

Tim Stokes is an independent coastal folk and blues singer - songwriter based in Byron Bay. Writing and sharing songs which are positive, thoughtful and uplifting.

He has performed on many stages locally, nationally and internationally after taking a leap of faith from a career as a chef and hospitality professional to sharing his musical artistry.

Since then Stokes has released two studio albums 'MeXico' and 'in life thou art' and some of his professional highlights have been; performing at Splendour in the Grass, Bello Winter Music Festival, and Mullumbimby Music Festival.

Stokes shares music with a smooth, honest and comforting voice complimenting songs on an acoustic guitar, that oscillate from upbeat celebrations to deep oceanic ballads.

His songs can be poetic images from Tim’s own journey, some songs are journeys in themselves and some of it is just plain fun. He shares songs sewn with hope, love and light, reminding us the “cracks are there for the light to shine in.”

Keith Hartley has been writing music from his heart, and performing it from the depths of his soul for over 20 years. His Influences include Ben Harper, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Tool and the Beatles. Keith has done a great deal of technical study, through which he has learnt a variety of song writing styles. He uses these different styles to give a dynamic performance that compliments his astonishing voice.

Having recently recorded a live acoustic EP, his work can be found on, or purchased at shows. You can find news about Keith's recordings and shows on his website, or on

With such an eclectic songlist of originals and covers, that span decades and genres, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Classical Guitar Virtuoso Ben Julian, will perform guitar music inspired by the Flamenco music of Spain and the folk music of Brazil, Venezuela and Paraguay.

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