The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Tailor Birds is Sophie Kinston, electronic violinist.  This is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.  This is the latest act to come onto the international touring circuit, currently touring through Australia and Europe.  World folk at its’ finest, music at its’ most raw, T.Birds combine live looping, foley art, and rich harmonised vocals, to create a sound like no other.

A sound that is all about the vibe and positive energy, building an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one, you could say that Sophie is a travelling troubadour.  She believes that music should not just be about playing one gig after another with just the music making impact, but is also about connecting people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing.  Music needs to inspire, and placing Tailor Birds in a space that can do just that, it makes an impact greater than you could ever imagine.

Constantly pushes to do a range of shows – festivals, gigs, supports, but also markets and street shows, to connect with and provide music to the general public, Tailor Birds was formed in 2012, touring through NSW, QLD, SA, & VIC, and through Europe each summer.

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