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The Tooth Faerie for healthy gums and teeth

By The Tooth Faerie Tooth Faerie, musician, wildlife rescuer, carer

About Us

The Tooth Faerie is here to look after our oral health in an effective and 100% natural way.

Tooth Tonic and Black Whitener (and Remineraliser) deliver natural oral health care, and offer a wholesome alternative to toothpaste. Together they provide complete care for teeth and gums, helping protect them against damaging bacteria that can cause swollen, inflamed, sensitive, bleeding gums, as well as toothaches, decay and bad breath. Black Whitener harnesses the powers of charcoal to whiten, and coral calcium to remineralise teeth naturally, to help keep teeth and gums in 'mint' condition. Both are made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients and without any chemicals or hidden nasties.

The way I use Tooth Tonic:

Floss well (for best results I use Super Dental water flosser). I add just 2 drops of Tooth Tonic to a dry toothbrush without the toothpaste. For best impact, I brush my gums as well as my teeth.

The way I use Black Whitener

For whitening teeth I use my Black Whitener which is very effective. All the ingredients are organic food grade. It is abrasive and I only use it once or twice a week.

The way to use Black Whitener:

I dip my toothbrush into my personal Black Whitener jar, until it's nicely packed with powder and brush my teeth as usual. (I swallow it to minimise the mess and maximise the benefits but that's optional). For stubborn stains I use a small damp cloth and polish the stains.  It's amazingly effective, you'll be surprised at the results.

Our Story

How did Tooth Tonic come about? Well, sadly, I wasn’t born with great teeth genes; nor was I instructed in the important routines of oral care. By the time I was nine I had nine fillings. Not good.
Even though I thereafter resolved to look after my teeth, it was to no avail – I kept having dental troubles. I've had crowns, bridges and root canals – and at some point my gums started to recede (gingivitis). All of this tooth ache and professional dental treatment was not only unpleasant (to say the least), it was expensive.
I’m not sure when the penny finally dropped but at some point I realised that it was time to take control of my own dental destiny. Initially I gravitated toward ‘natural’ tooth products such as fluoride-free toothpastes. After all, the fluoride in toothpastes didn't seem to be of much help to me, and I had a strong feeling that a natural way MUST be the right way.
So I began researching, reading everything I could get my hands on about organic substances with natural healing properties. Ironically, it was my existing interest in aroma therapy that ultimately led me to discovering the oral health benefits of essential oils. I selected a few ingredients that had strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. After a few years of experimenting, adjusting, and fine tuning (and testing it on my family and friends), I came up with the recipe for Tooth Tonic.


Oral health is essential to overall health. Tooth Tonic keeps me and my mouth in a state of wellness. It protects and nourishes it – with essential oils which contain no toxic chemicals or harsh abrasives. And it tastes yummy; the minty flavour lasts for hours (no bad breath!). It is not animal tested but human tested! My teeth have been getting stronger – no more cavities – and my gingivitis has been stopped in its tracks. But don’t just take my word for it, read the testimonials of the happy customers who have taken back the power over their own oral health through the use of Tooth Tonic.


Our Products

Tooth Tonic 20ml (3.5-4 months supply)- $25

Black Whitener 10g (5-7 months supply)-$15

Oral pack (1 x 20ml Tooth Tonic+1 x 10g Black Whitener)- $35

100ml Tooth Tonic -$100

Toothbrush- $4

Eco bamboo toothbrush holder- $15

Tongue scraper- $8

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