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Estelle' Haven || Botanical perfumes

By Estelle 

About Us

A crystal-infused botanical perfume range to delight your senses. Each scent has been created with an intention in mind, blending essential oils and crystals to support your transformation. Put the power of nature at your service.

The ingredients used to craft these fragrances are ethically sourced, organic, and packaged in recyclable materials.

Our Story

My journey into natural perfumery started after 9 years of experience as an aromatherapist when I realized that no safe and natural alternatives to conventional perfumes were available on the market. I was missing the complex and elegant fragrances of my youth (I am French-born, so I am a Chanel girl!) but my pledge to a greener lifestyle was in contradiction with the use of petroleum-based products. It is then, that I decided to delve into the world of botanical perfumery and created 100% natural perfumes that are exquisite, sophisticated, and absolutely safe to use.
Each fragrance is created with only natural ingredients - no synthetics and no isolates - to offer products that will respect your sensibility and respect the environment. ​
A perfume created from pure essential oils, distilled artfully will not only smell divine but will also move you - emotionally and spiritually. It is alive and tells a story. It is subtle and intimate and reveals itself while leaning into a hug or a kiss...
My wish is to wrap you into a wholesome fragrance that will transport you and reconnect you to your true self. Each one of my scents is designed with a particular intention and infused with crystals matching this intention. I hope you will find your matching scent here.

Our Products

HAVEN || Soft, and feminine, Haven invites you to a reconnection to a soft, open, and trustful heart.
It encourages and supports healthy boundaries, where your needs and the needs of others are appreciated equally.

SOLAR || Sensual, warm and generous, SOLAR is an invitation to soften into a deep state of openness.

EDEN || Mysterious, deep, and grounding, EDEN | Botanical perfume takes you on a journey through an ancient forest.

DHARMA || Elegant and transformative, Dharma is a reminder to remain faithful, connected, and observant, to trust the gift of wisdom, compassion, and benevolence that lays in our hearts, and to welcome life’s difficulties as an opportunity for growth.

RUMI || Mystical oriental - New release (coming soon).

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