The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

If it has rained all week, the state of the GROUNDS governs the market on the Sunday. If the grounds are not too wet, cars are able to drive on and off, and stallholders are able to set up, the market will run.
Charges will be as follows:
• Stallholders pay full fees.
• If some stallholders decide, before setting up, that it is too wet for their products, they are to come to the office and let staff know they are not setting up. An arrears fee of $10 will apply.
Drizzle to heavy rain leading up to market Sunday.
• State of grounds assessed.
• Roping out to be held off until 12.00pm on the Saturday. Bins to be placed out also. Doc’s paddock to be roped.
• If bad weather continues, leave roping out until 1.00pm (winter) or 2.00pm (summer). This will allow 3 hours to complete the road roping out and paddock. Put out bins.
• Band to be contacted about weather concerns.

If Lismore City Council dictates that the grounds are closed, (due to flooding etc) then the market is cancelled. If Lismore CBD is expecting the river to peak at flood levels at the weekend, the market is to be cancelled.
State of the grounds to govern decision (as opposed to the weather) in relation to:
• Damage to the grounds.
• OHS relating to staff/public safety.

IF A DECISION IS MADE TO CLOSE THE MARKETS. No stallholders are to stay.
The decision to cancel market to be made between 7.30am – 8.00am market Sunday.
All stallholders will be advised to remain on gravel and wait for further directions/decision as to set up or go home. If the weather is daunting and a decision to continue is made, stallholders who wish to leave will have the option to depart by a certain time and pay the wet weather admin fee the following month.

All staff to phone office prior to their shift if weather is there is any doubt whether the market is going ahead or not. Any staff, that turn up for work are obliged to check with the market manager to see if they are needed to work. Once signed in they will be paid a minimum 2 hours’ work. Skeleton staff to remain until deemed necessary by manager.

To reduce the financial impact that TCCM incurs due to a cancelled market a wet weather cancellation fee will apply for permanents of $10 to help with administration costs. The office has been running for two days prior to the market and staff and bills still need to be paid. Casuals who have pre booked will be transferred to the following market.

If the market is cancelled on Friday or Saturday due to wet weather, market staff is to contact the band. The band will be offered an extra booking time slot for a later date. The band will not be paid. Band needs to contact Office on Sunday by 8.00am (regardless of the weather – for confirmation of their booking). If the market cancelled on the Sunday, the bands are to be paid $200.00 + GST and offered booking for a later date. A leeway until 10 am will be set for the band to arrive if doubtful weather.

All stallholders, subcontractors and staff, whether a member of the association or not are bound by the market regulations
and must act within the guidelines of The Channon Craft Market Inc.

The market committee has the power to perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the association.

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