The Channon Craft Market

Pet and Alcohol Free Event

Permanent Stallholder Pre-registration

All stalls must pre-register before attending the markets



Conditions of Entry Policy

The Channon Craft Market Inc,  has implemented a number of measures, including extra cleaning and training to help safeguard the community against the spread of COVID-19 and to meet the recommendations of NSW Government and NSW Health.  We have no choice but to comply as an organisation if we wish to trade again and to protect our community and ourselves we must work together to meet the requirements.  This document is to support the best practise on moving forward sharing the market as organisations and businesses and reopening with consideration to the requirements by NSW Government to hold an event.  We request that retailers and community groups support the endeavors of the market and follow the directions of our staff and manager.  For some retailers this is either too hard to comply or they do not believe in the restrictions, as an organisation we believe we must follow the requirements to protect our community, once the restrictions are lifted you may consider returning, please keep in touch.

The following guidelines are compulsory to trade at
The Channon Craft Market Inc and you must agree to the terms of this document.

All stallholders will need to understand  their responsibilities to start trading again.  General Stallholders, art, craft, merchandise, clothing etc are not required by law to have a safety plan, however it is a great tool to use and to evaluate if you are able to meet the NSW Government's Requirements to start trading again. Food Stalls are required and It is compulsory to have  a safety  plan in place that must be registered and on site with them at all markets. The Channon Craft Market Inc requests (Manditory) that Food Stalls will be required to complete the free NSW Food Stall Training   COVID-19 awareness for food service training Massage, therapy, hands on services are required and it is compulsory to have a safety plan in place that must be registered on site with them at all markets. COVID-19 Safety Plan: beauty, nail, waxing, tanning and hairdressing salons

Registration Form

If you are required to register with the NSW Government, please ensure this has been completed prior to competing this registration form.

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