Change Of Product/Altering Product

Stallholders must not add to or change the range of goods on their stall other than those goods listed on the stall holder’s declaration without first making a request in writing to the committee.


Please bring your stall fee with you as stallholders who repeatedly fail to have their stall fees ready on the first collection disrupt the organisation of the market. If you continue to be late with your stall fee, your site will be in jeopardy. Your co-operation is appreciated in this matter. We do not accept […]


Speed must be restricted to 20km/h in the market and parking areas to provide a safe environment for everyone. Only stallholders that are in playground vicinity nearest oval will be allowed access through road from 3.15pm – 4.30pm. CHILDREN PLAY IN THIS AREA – PLEASE BE ALERT!

Site Access

We are required to keep all access areas clear for emergency vehicles and disability access. It is important you do not encroach over the front lines of the stall area allocated.

Setting Up

Please unload and move your vehicle before setting up your stall. We ask that stallholders be considerate of others and not block traffic movements in the marketplace. All stallholders are to park in stallholder car parking designated area which is situated behind the market grounds or in the back of the public car park.

Sale Of Stall

Stallholders may sell their business if they have been trading at TCCM for 3 consecutive years. Stallholders who sell their business are reminded that communication with the market committee is essential and imperative for the smooth running of the market. This will allow the market office to update information regarding new owners’ contact details, insurance […]


Application for allocated sites can be made with the staff at the office on market day after the stallholder has attended three consecutive markets. All requests are placed on a waiting list, and in turn will be allocated a site as soon as available. Priority is given to local art, craft and fresh produce. Entry […]

Public/Product Liability

Stallholders who have obtained their own insurance policies are requested to supply a photocopy of it to the market office. TCCM can provide public liability to stall holders and product liability for a majority of products with the exclusion of TOOLS, MUSIC, BANDS, HEALTH, MASSAGE, FACE PAINTING, TOY’S AND ELECTRICAL GOODS at a cost of […]


All stallholders must take their rubbish with them and leave their site clean. This assists the organisation of The Channon Craft Market. Stallholders must use environmentally friendly products that is biodegradable or recyclable. Please encourage the public to use the recycle bins that are distributed throughout the market. No glass or tin products allowed.


Electricity is only available by prior arrangement with the committee. Stallholders need to be aware that the supply of electricity to Coronation Park is limited and no alteration or addition to electrical equipment is permitted without application to and approval by the Committee, pending the currently available power supply. Power leads must be of correct […]