Whian Whian P&C and Whian Whian Hall Trust

This month we are supporting the community of Whian Whian, which is in the hills just up the road from The Channon. The Whian Whian P&C supports the local public  School, and The Whian Whian Hall Trust maintians the local hall, which is a hub for events in this vibrant corner of the Northern Rivers.

Hussy Hicks

Since forming in 2006, Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz have forged their own, very unique way into the global music scene. Fearlessly independent, the genre-defying Hussy Hicks have followed a trail of possibilities, random twists and turns and discovered a musical world all of their own. Their influences are drawn from family record collections of old skool blues and country, and […]

Ron Owen

Ron is an accomplished  keyboard player, with a great personality. He plays and sings a large variety of music, eg, country, rock and roll, 5os and 60s ballads, latin, etc. Be enchanted with the magical fingers of this 80 years young musician.

Celebrating 40 Years

The Channon Craft Market Inc is 40 years old this year. A community market with over 240 stalls offering creative wares, produce and products. A fantastic day out exploring the regions most talented crafts people, stallholders peddling their wares, delicious menus from across the worlds and mouth watering drinks that will satisfy your taste buds. […]

Are you Ready for the Lismore Lantern Parade?

Here at the Channon Market we are so proud to be a part of the unique culture of  the Norther Rivers region. One of the Annual highlights of our region, attracting crowds of over 25,000 people is The Lismore Lantern Parade. This fantastic event brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate Community Life, Arts […]


We have made the difficult decision to cancel the June market, which was to be held on Sunday 14th. Due to prolonged rain the grounds are wet and not suitable for stalls to be set up on and the car-parks are looking like they could be boggy on Sunday, with predicted rain for the next […]

Nice Verdes

Nice Verdes are Sally and Jesse who have been performing since first meeting at a peace march in Vancouver in 2003. They have performed and toured Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Guatemala and have studied music and dance in Cuba, India, West Africa and Colombia, continually honing their craft. Nice Verdes are always on […]

Mothers Day Market

The Channon Craft Market is a family friendly event with accessible pathways, lots of shade, seating and entertainment. This month we will be celebrating “Mothers Day”, the markets are a fantastic destination for that day out, bring Mum for breakfast or lunch, hang out together and soak up the riches of the Northern Rivers Hinterlands and beyond. A special […]


SamMurri consist of Multi-instrumentalists & virtuoso Double Bass, they perform themes for dreams, scenes from a rain forest using their extensive skills & artistry. They travail thru all genres of  musical expression, utilising modern electronics & ancient harmonies to express quiet calm or rapturous indignation – they play how they feel – improvisation being the main ingredient in their always original […]

The Melting Couches

The Melting Couches was formed by a group of friends who love playing music together. They hail from the hills and valleys of the Norther Rivers and beyond. They are proud of their identity and proud of their country, their music will make your world shift in all directions. Come along and check them out.